If you are unable to attend an appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice where possible,

otherwise, a cancellation fee may apply.  PLEASE CALL US DIRECTLY 

 Times can be shuffled due to cancellations or unforeseen circumstances. If a required time is not available please call or text directly.

Your booking will NOT be confirmed until you are contacted by one of our staff. If you do not receive a confirmation msg/call in 24 hours during this time, please contact us 


MON  9:00 -19:00 

TUE   9:00 -19:00 

WED  9:00 -19:00 

THU   9:00 -19:00 

FRI     9:00 -19:00 

SAT    9:00 -18:00 

SUN   9:00 -18:00 #

P.H   9:00 -18:00 #

# 10% surcharge will apply Sundays and Public Holidays.

#After hours available By booking.

10% surcharge will apply.

#  Early morning session available  7 am-9 am

Please make bookings a minimum of 1 day in advance. Booking made via call or text.