Mineral Line

Mineral Soap

Step 1: Cleanse
Bring your skin to life in a mineral bubble wash.
Your skin will be resuscitated every time you bathe in this rich lather, treating delicate skin with a moisturizing and satisfying cleanse.

110g $67


Mineral Lotion

Step 2: Boost 
Remove oiliness and promote glowing skin.
Skin will glow as the micro moisture works its way into each part of your skin to rejuvenate and moisturise.

100ml $138

Mineral Cream

Step 3: Enhance
Promote a youthful and bouncy fullness to your skin.
Using a “3-step nano emulsion” process, this luxury cream will liberate your skin to provide a sensational feeling. Applying this will call upon your skin’s youthful tension and each day you will radiate confidence in your skin’s beauty.

48g $205


Basic Line

Ioune Soap ε

Step 1: Cleanse
Protect your skin with a gentle and lifting cleanse. A warm, bubbly texture that carefully removes dirt from delicate and dry skin. Gently protects your skin's moisture with a finish that maintains its purity.

100g $31


Ionne Clay Soap ε

Step 1: Cleanse
Refresh your skin from an excess of oiliness
Gentle foaming to help easily remove pimples and wash the skin. A combination of sea clays absorbs oiliness, dirt, and waste to give your skin a deep cleanse.

100g $37

Ioune Cream ε

Step 2: Raise
Wards off dryness and brings moisture and bounciness to skin
For all skin types. Giving your skin rich moisture and flexibility, Ioune Cream ε will lead your skin away from dryness and towards a smooth, tight texture.

53g $104


Ioune Lotion ε

Step 3: Finish
Protects moisture while promoting skin tension
With natural moisturizing ingredients and plant extracts, this lotion wards off dryness while moisturizing. For those seeking healthy skin with low acidity, or tight skin, use this to prolong the lifespan of your makeup.

100ml $67


Viphyse Line

Aqua de Vita Viphyse Soap Refiner

Step 1: Cleanse 
Gently removes dirt from bare skin Creamy bubbles made of moisturising products gently cleanses delicate skin. Moisturises skin prone to dryness while removing dirt and preventing skin tightness during face washing.

72g $34


Aqua de Vita Viphyse Moisturiser

Step 2: Raise 
Supplement your skin's strength and direct it towards a wealth of moisture. Much like skincare lotions, this brings a moisturised sensation to your skin. The refined beauty and moisturising ingredients will reach every area to satisfy your skin's need for moisture.

100ml $74

Aqua de Vita Viphyse Nourishment

Step 3: Finish 
Retain moisture and protect the skin A smooth and familiar sensation, covering the skin with pure beauty ingredients. Maintains moisture with an emollient veil, guiding your skin to a natural vibrancy.

40g 67


Plus Care

Biocell Vitaliser α II

〜 Fulfill your skin’s need for a rich moisture, preserve radiance 〜

A composite foundation matched with original ingredients from Japanese plum blossoms. Marries moisturising components in a balanced combination of animo acids (serine, glycine, alanine), hydrolysed eggshell membrane (EMP) and vitamins. Smooths the skin while giving a radiance and bounciness to the surface.

38ml $255


Vital Treatment EX

〜  An approach that catches the eye. Bring out the shine and glow of your skin  〜

A moisturising foundation with vitamins, arbutin, and lipoic acid to influence nano-level reductions and add volume to your skin. Gives your skin bouncing while bringing it back to its original brightness. The 3-step nanoemulsion will absorb into your skin to bring you closer to your desired look.

15g $138

Facial Oil Subskin Lipid ε

Avoid dry and thickened skin and encourage it to shine

Oil with ingredients designed to match skin fats (lecithin, cholesterol). An anti-aging care product with 5 different vitamins designed as a gel for a gentle feel, giving you fresh and moisturised skin to protect your glow.

25ml $104


Facial Oil Effice ε

〜 Promote healthy skin and prevent rough and dry texture 〜

An oil with an emolliating effect containing squalene, sunflower oil and jojoba oil to vigorously protect skin using plant extracts (purple root and angelica root extracts). Gently repairs dry skin and moisturises for protection.

25ml $87

Facial Oil Skin Treatment D

An oil treatment to supplement the skin barrier function and performance of intercellular lipids. Controls the evaporation of moisture from the skin, protecting it from external stimuli.

20g $70


Sun Protect Essence C

Protect skin from UV rays, dryness, and other environmental stresses and prevents skin trouble
A non-chemical sun protection cream gentle on the skin. Resistant to sweat and oily skin, it feels comfortable on the skin while daily usage helps to protect from light damage and maintain skin health with its combination of natural skincare ingredients.
SPF50, PA++++

50ml $79

Face Skin Emulsion ε
( Make-up Cleansing )

The foundation of forming skin complexion

in a face wash. A dual-face wash of emulsion and soap to completely clear the skin of dirt 

Removes oil-type makeup like it’s running water. Naturally brings hard point makeup, pore-clogging sebum and dirt to the surface, washing it away without being a burden on your skin. You’ll feel refreshed by this emulsion that can even be used with wet hands.

150ml $62 / PUMP $8